Easily motivated

I am a person who is easily motivated. It can either be:

  • new tools that could increase my effectiveness and productivity
  • new projects that I could deliver
  • get connected with people that broaden your network
  • getting paid (it’s not about the money, but the achievement in accomplishing the task)
  • discover new ideas or ways on doing something

Through out the day, I will keep myself motivated as it gives me a sense of what I am trying to achieve. Day by day, it is getting closer.

So, when you’re down, ask yourself a question — What you could do to make yourself motivated during the hard time?

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  1. saya jadi lebih bermotivasi setelah melihat rakan2 seoffice saya bertungkus lumus siapkan kerja..dan saya jadi lebih bermotivasi selepas membaca blog kawan-kawan saya..=P

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