Be Human, Speak Human — Story from my dad.

When completing jobs or tasks, should you have any issues, just let your partner/provider/client be aware of it. If you have to send your dad to the hospital, go.

Getting things done is one thing, but family is everything.

My dad shared me with a story of a trailer driver who his father died the night he supposed to work. He told the manager that he needs to attend his dad’s funeral but the manager insisted. He was fired that night.

That morning, he came to my dad as he manages the logistics and told the story. My dad stopped the guy and ask him to go straight to the funeral and leave the rest to him.

My dad went straight to the responsible manager as asked why the trailer driver is fired?

My dad asked him to imagine if it was his own dad.

He is speechless.

Torn between ego, work and unable to provide sensible reason for his action.

Few months later, the manager who fired the driver was transferred.

It made me realized that the reason you work is to take care of your family. But if you have to choose between work and family during crucial times, family wins.

Leave reason, ask permission. If ignored, it is probably not worth it.

You can always find another job. Remember, rich is not in abundance, but the feeling of satisfaction.

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