Working with the government

My dad is in the hospital at this moment. Sitting next to me, resting. 

He has served the Malaysia government for 19 years in BERNAS – previously known as LPN (Lembaga Padiberas Negara) – a government body that control all things related to paddy/rice.


 I spark a conversation with my dad regarding working with the government i.e. wages, salary, etc. And he commented:

In most cases, working with government doesn’t get you big salary. Buy they (gov), give you pension and other benefits*.

Referred to his condition now, the aniography test would cost us MYR 35,000 ($11,500 USD), which does not include the hospital charges, ultrasound tests, etc etc. We feel grateful for this benefit. I feel the same.

A choice

I am grateful that I get to choose, whether:

  • stay in the UK
  • to work with Petronas or other engineering company
  • run a start-up
  • work freelance
  • search other job – government, etc

A friend of mine told me that I am still young and I could learn a lot from everything. If one of the above fails, I still have other options. Thing is, have you heard about:

We live in a world that if we fail, we don’t get executed, killed, etc.

Might as well you try and believe in yourself. Hold your head up high and go out there to achieve your dreams. Or in other words:

Go out there and kick some a**!



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