Sweet time — an apple to an orange

I am not sure if I am comparing an apple to an orange but here is the situation.

I live in 5 rooms apartment currently sharing with 4 housemates. Everyday when I got back from work, I will find them playing video games. While as soon as I had my shower, I will open my laptop to continue doing my freelance work.

I could not say that they are wasting their time since I believe they deserve it after a long hard day at work. And on certain occassion, they have to work almost 24 hours. For taking the stress off their head, they play video games.

Often I stand behind them and watch them laughing. There is a happiness. Maybe that is part of a work-life balance.

Workaholic – I still don’t get the definition. Have I join the bandwagon? Or perhaps I am enjoying doing my work so much which once upon a time it was a hobby and now I could turn my hobby into money.

If they are the apple, than I could be an orange? Maybe it is how we manage our time.

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  1. ahhaha.budak2 tu memang.start kat office dah main game..terbawak-bawak sampai rumah..tape2..nanti aniza divert call kat Wan n Hanif (eventhou dia dh keja tempat lain)..hikhikhihkik

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