If not because of you, people.

We are the product of our environment, what we have been through and the people surround us — family, love ones and friends.

I am grateful to the people that support me from all sides of life. My recent decision to not working with Petronas is one of a good example. I have considered a lot of options prior reaching to the decisive moment of my life.

  • Wait and accept the PETRONAS job offer
  • Start a career as entrepreneur
  • Pursue my studies – MBA
  • Collect some money and pack my bag to the States.

I choose the second option for the challenge that it gives me, for the reward and satisfaction. And not forgetting it is part of my dreams to start and found a successful business. It is no easy job but I guess I have chose the road not taken.

These words have kept me going this far:

You have 8 years to reach my level. If you do it carefully, you would probably getting it in 3 years time.

Don’t be envy with the salary that you friends will get now. At max they will get in 5 years time is probably RM 7000. With what you have, I am sure you will be far ahead of them.

It is okay to let go one of your childhood dream to achieve your endless dreams.

If not for these words, I wouldn’t probably here writing these to you about my journey of work, life and love.

P/s: Dear love, thank you for your support all this while.

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