Traffic jam — what’s in it for us?

On my way to work today, I was stucked in two traffic jams (strawberry and pineapple perhaps, haha). One was going out from my residence highway and one is getting into Cyberjaya. A 4WD was broke down and cars accident. 

Suddenly, my love told me that she was sick with the traffic jams. I am not sure what is going wrong but I just keep my cool. 

I don’t have years of driving experience but at least I got stuck with something worse than this morning.

Rationally speaking, there is nothing we could do to avoid the traffic jam.

  • If I have a jet pack, I would want to use it. But I don’t.
  • If my car could turned into rocket and fly, I would push the button. But I don’t.
  • If the office is near enough for me to walk, then I’ll be happy to park my car and walk. But it is far.

As rational and logical I could be, I’m just be positive with the situation. You can either sing you heart out, enjoying the scenery and think about your life, love and dreams. 

Probably, you could just hold the hand of your love one and say:

No matter how slow the traffic jam is, my heart beats faster than ever when I look at you.

In this life, it is how we make use of the time that seems wasting to most people, but could benefit us.

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