Getting engaged. Where do I begin?

I am planning to get engaged in few months time. I’ve been asking around people on what should I tell my mom, how should I tell her. I even read articles on the internet about the same topic.

At the same time, over my shoulder now is a big responsibility. I can feel it even before it rest on my shoulder. I need to be prepared. I must.

Time is not a factor anymore, not as crucial as love can see. But I am trying to stay ahead of things:


I’ve email few partners asking to put me on their top list of web designer and developer. Financially speaking, I am working hard to fill up my bank accounts.


I am currently reading book and articles on marriage — about how to be a good husband, how to make the marriage in harmony, how to go through the hard time.

Indeed, this is life, my love. And the big question is:

How do I tell my mom?

It’s not going to be easy.


  1. Kak Yun: I wish it would be that easy ;)Julien:I had a chat with my brother. He said, just be gentle and tell my mom about it. His case is a little different where he somehow got the offer from my mother to get married with a love of his life.Pray and fingers crossed everything will be fine. I’m going back to meet my parents this weekend to tell them about it.It’s for a good cause indeed.

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