Internship is over. Now what?

For the past 6 months, I have undergone training and job placement at one of the virtual network operator in the world (VNOC), IX Telecom. I have responsible to take the marketing and branding department into a new level. For what I can share, I have helped the company gained exposure besides gaining leads from the website.

Website –

I have been neglecting my own domain for quite some time, and now I have a plan for it. It will be a showcase of my work and I will start promoting a new range of service for business. I am going to announce it here for sure.


I will be working for another 6 months before starting my own company with my team. In a month time, I am looking to launch my first product and service. And I really hope that this would be a good kick start.

The more I learn, the more I will share with you. I know the journey I am taking is going to be all smooth sailing, but the adventure surely invites priceless experience.


I am getting engaged soon. No further question (smile). Haha


Life is treating me well and I am grateful. I’m being straight forward with what I want. And I am trying to live a stress-free life. Unnecessary stress I mean.

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