Happiness is the symphony of…

What you do.

It could b what you do in life that makes the difference. In this subject, I am happy when I deliver my work up to the best – as defined by client or mine – whichever comes first. 

Family. Debt free.

For some people, as long as they have enough money to support the family and they could spend quality time. That is happiness. And there are people working for a debt free life. Peace of mind equals to happiness.

Obedience to the Highest Power.

Some will leave the uncertainty of tomorrow and grateful of what have been bestowed to God. They work day and night but worry free when it comes to His decision. 


It’s just sad to see and know people are trying to steal happiness from other people when they could not get by themselves. Regardless their life are being control by their life partner, dictated by debt, work-stress overload and stuck doing what they hate.

Know what you can control in life and make a change.

Perhaps that is the missing key note of our life that produces the symphony.


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