I’m okay up until you ask me that.

In the clinic…

Just before the patient put her butt on the chair.

“Ya, sakit apa?”

said the doctor. And the patient replied,

“Sakit hati when you say that.”

I understood that it is a typical question and we might even do the same thing. Just think about it.

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  1. I was randomly reading your posts, and this one caught my attention. Understandably, as it relates to my future career. I gave it a thought as you suggested, and concluded its the nature of the job to ask that. Cant blame them, can you?

  2. Xyra, I understand the situation. Perhaps you miss why I wrote the line… "her butt on the chair." A courtesy of letting the patient to settle down would be much appreciated. There is no harm in waiting. 🙂

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