When hope is the best you can get

Three weeks ago, I quote this in front of my fellow graduate friends:

Life is not fair, so get use to it.

Now, it is coming after me. I am not sure whether I am in the middle of the road, a junction or completely in the bush. Unnoticed.

Where I work, I need a chance to show what I am capable of. The joy of doing so is rather modest. I am trying to find a source of motivation. Being a self-motivated person is quite hard. Acquiring inspiration is as hard.

What have gone the old me that is fearless and relentless. An optimist. A dreamer.

During this down time, all I can do is hoping that all will be good. Cause I still believe that at the end of the tunnel is a door that leads to a glittery ending. And keep moving during this period of time is what really takes you a step ahead of other people.

If I made a mistake, please forgive me.

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