Team leader

So, I argue why I am not appointed as a leader of the team while all this while, the gun is directed to me. Ok ok… That would be too mafia… while I was the one to blame for the coffee stain (Ha!).

The best thing (if not the funny thing) is when I am now positioned under a new head and no longer directly to the person which I argued previously. I don’t see this fix the issue or even professional in a sense when I asked initially is about career development.

This is what happen when you are indispensable. 

I was told by my other mentor to relax and go with the flow. And he left with a good remarks about leadership:

‎Good leadership is making people as comfortable with the journey as possible.

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  1. arguable, when you are seeking more and more platform to go further. somehow, the last quote seems to make good sense. maybe road to leadership is all about patience,i guess? 🙂

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