We’re actually looking for similarity that connect both of us

A year back, I might be enjoying my cup of coffee in the UK. At this moment, I am on my medical leave as my eyes got infected and still enjoy the same Grande Hazelnut Latte with whipped cream on top. All time favourite.

In this world, what we look for is similarity. Something that could relate us. Quick examples:

  • When we browse other professionals in LinkedIn
  • When we browse through random people in Facebook (I bet you did that at least once, not stalking, but get lost and found, Haha)

We look for something that could connect us.

Life Partner

About 7 months ago, I met with someone that I know would fit into my life. It may not be 100% similar, but in some way. I could see my reflection in her eyes, words and action. That is my definition of match.

Others may argue about having a life partner that is totally different from his/her own half. Well, depending on the way you want to look at it, but I believe we are comfortable with things that could connect us. Even love itself must be mutual for it to florish.


And you who reads this will find that we are connected in some way. Either we known through twitter, facebook, you are my friend, family, boss or perhaps a random people that looks to explore the subject that being celebrated here — Work, Life and Love.

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