We should have jump down that waterfall

In life, there will be time where you will in one of yourlife’s crossroads deciding which career path you should go. I have given advice to several friends and internship trainees that:

  1. Know what you (really) want in life
  2. What risk that you have to take?


It took another people to make me realized that I am a risk-taker. Despite, the bigger questions is whether is it really worth it? A friend of mine who join me to jump together with the 3 storey waterfall was asking me “what is the logic behind it?”. It made us think and realized that if we never try, we never know.

We thought that — it’s a shame for ourselves, and regretful when we are already on our way back and thinking “we should have jump down that waterfall”. And that sparked a motivation for us to jump – more than once.

First is for the risk.

Second is for the fun.


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