Is it the money?

I went back to visit my parents last weekend and the asked about my work and how is the pay. Considering I have rejected the chances to get into a well-paid company to pursue my dreams, they are curious how much I am earning.

At first, it’s not about the money. It’s the passion.

Now, it is different. For my career advancement, perhaps I am recalculating my value.

What if you are:

  • Considered an asset by other people to any organizations
  • Valued for the vision, enthusiasm and entreprenurship spirit
  • Achieved straight A’s results and graduated from abroad
  • Have the experience working with clients from all over the world

Would you:

  1. Stay a bit longer to gain more experience on learning how to run a startup
  2. Work elsewhere to gain new experience, challenges besides increment
  3. Sign the resignation letter and start on new ventures


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  1. The best way to learn how to run a startup is — run a startup.But you gotta do what you love, man. Don’t plan too much ahead, just do what you love and like what Steve Jobs said: the dot will connect looking backwards.That being said, it’s always good to have a paying gig (whether it’s freelance/full-time job) — as long as it’s "non-soul-sucking".

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