Rumors no more

It’s a rumors no more. After I have taken a big step in my life by not joining Petronas, now I took another leap of faith – resigning my day job and focus on running my own start-up. Few weeks back, I wrote about few options that I have in front of me, now it is clear.

I asked feedback from a friend of mine, the curator of Hacker Monthly. He wrote:

The best way to learn how to run a startup is — run a startup. But you gotta do what you love, man.

Don’t plan too much ahead, just do what you love and like what Steve Jobs said: the dot will connect looking backwards.

That being said, it’s always good to have a paying gig (whether it’s freelance/full-time job) — as long as it’s “non-soul-sucking”.

Similar to my story on jumping down the waterfall, it is all about risk. However, it could be managed and so far, I believe it is the right time.

Rumors about my resignation could be heard in the office and I’m replying it with a smile.

Just keep calm and carry on. And a famous sayings:

You will never know how high you will fly until you spread your wings!

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