Busy is good. Too busy is not good.

I love to keep myself busy. But now, I really need to prioritize. It’s always easier said than done. So few tips, just in case you’re out of hand, just like me:

  1. List down your to do.
  2. Do have to courage to start? Start with #1. If you just did. Start with the easiest.
  3. Feel the motivation of Getting Things Done? Proceed #4.
  4. Evaluate which is the highest value and its importance.
  5. Which are things that delayed for sooo long. Reply that.
  6. Complete Step 4.
  7. Stop Facebook, Twitter, or whatever. You can complete the easy to medium task in one hour. And you will be left with at least 3 big tasks to complete.
  8. Try it.

The point here is… you just start. Step 2 is the crucial part. IF you stop somewhere, start bark Step 2. Job done!

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