Never Give Up

Last night, I posted on my Facebook:

It's true when they say, "Never Give Up". Overcome that hurdle or anything that scared you from doing something. Those who are at the top realized that success is a habit.

I was doing my work (web development) and there are 3 big implementation that need to be done. I am scared that I can't deliver. Why should I be scared? Reputation and client's trust.

It has been two hours that I took to customize a simple line of code.
  • I've googled several times asking for customizing WordPress taxonomy – displaying categories, child only, etc
  • I've tested and break the code

I know I might have miss something but I just don't know what is it. Just before the battery is out, I found it! I know this story wouldn't beat the Thomas Edison's success story. But I am proud that I overcome my fear and succeed.

I guess it is true that success is a habit and not the plain simple thing people called luck!
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