You look stress

Why wouldn’t I? I wasn’t feeling well lately and so much project need to be done.

Hint: To see whether you’re stress or not, try to feel your shoulder (the trapezius muscle). If you’re stress, this muscle will be tense. I learn this from a Stress Management class.

Back to what I want to share. So, take a time out. Even 10 minutes by just walking around the office or go to the balcony. Drink enough plain water. Stay relax and focused. If you are lost on what you have to do. I’ve written that article previously — Busy is good, too busy is not good.

Do you know that if you are too stress you body will react by forcing yourself to get some rest. By these means:

  • Headache
  • Hungry
  • Sleepy
  • Fever

So, you will be prone to sickness. Your body is smarter than you think you are now. Haha.. Sorry, but you need some rest too. Even you have so much work, do not just kill something that is precious to you. Your health.

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