The best drug I tried so far

This is not another success story. It’s how you should keep your head high and be focus on what you want to achieve. And don’t bite more than you can chew.

In front of me is a paper written a 10% cut of few million ringgit deals. My task is to write proposals, get the application up and get first 100 customers. I am impressed. But not for so long. 

I got back and think. It’s not about the money. People know that you can deliver stuff and you might be the right partner. But the big question is this:

Do you really wanna do it?

Money does not motivate me this time. Cause my time is more valuable than my the money. When I first ask for my 10 years time (contract bond) from PETRONAS and they released me, I’m trading my life with it. It’s a decision some of us will try to avoid. But I am determine to make it happen. Even shit happens, I will (and gladly have – for the first year) make it happened.

How appealing the offer that comes in, I still believe few things:
  • I could earn more
  • 10% is not the right cut
  • And I could do so much more
In a nutshell (what a classic ending), try not to be motivated by money or sport cars. Be focused. The best drug I tried so far (and addicted to it) is to visit at a successful start-ups website and feel the energy going inside your body. Try to get that part and you will get what I mean.
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