Rich is not in abundance, but the feeling of satisfaction

I had a talk and discussion. On average, a WordPress designer/developer like me would make USD 50 per hour. An iPhone App developer would easily make USD 100 per hour (that is the minimum amount). 

If you do some calculation, by theory, I will make USD 8000 a month while USD 16,000 for the iPhone App developer*.

*Work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 4 weeks a month = 160 hours a month.

Initially I feel inferior sitting in the discussion for I have nothing to prove. Still, you know best about yourself. That is the reason why it took me an hour to realize that rich is not in abundance, but the feeling of satisfaction.

Why satisfaction?

Probably that is the gift of life, especially related back to working life. We hear or read people complaint about their work and the easiet way to do that is to quit their job. That is another risk. It could turn out well and not.

Few months back, my friend who I considered my mentor, Amzari, made me realized that not everyone is looking for the same thing.

  • Some people is pretty happy to work 9 – 5 and go back after that with no headache.
  • Some people is running their own business and it is their life.


So, whatever! There are people that earn more than that, has his own business empire, ride a Lamboghini Aventador, and still looking for more. Be content with what you had. For that is the essence of happiness.


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