Create the demand

Few months back, my fiance and I was thinking about starting an online business for two main reasons: trying and if we’re making money, it is going to be our side income. I can say Fana Collection went well and this is the story of the idea behind it.

It is a bit push here and there. We have the fear of starting, but we figure out the fact that unless you try, you will never know. And the new definition of success we found is the first step that you take to overcome the fear of failure (even before you start doing anything).

Straight to the idea: Create the Demand

We sell women clothing online, focusing on two niche, Malay and Islamic clothing (with some accessories). It is not a new niche but we figure out the way by creating the demand. In any business, it is about finding the niche and we step into the market by offering new lines of Islamic clothing which is Jubah (robe/gown/cloak) imported from Jordan and Syria.

It is different as we’re offering a new design, new material (e.g. denim) and new concept. What we have in mind is that we want everyone to look good everywhere, everytime. The same clothes that they bought for Eid, the same clothes they can wear to work, dinner and formal events. We believe that is why we can make it.

We promote our product to our friends and through social media, with a moderate approach. Asking people feedback on how we could improve and respond to it. Tomorrow marks the first month of our operation and we are making a profit (Alhamdulillah). We are grateful for everything – the support, the feedback, etc. 

And we learn that unless we start, we are not going anywhere.

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