Never be afraid to share your idea

I wish to attend the Startup Malaysia next month and I believe that you shouldn’t be afraid to share your idea. So, below are the things which I wish to start working on soon.

1. Project name:


2. What is it?

Anyone can dream and with this dreamboard, you can let you dream go wild by embedding pictures on your dreamboard, save it, print it. Based on your notification settings, it will remind you regarding your dreams and somewhat give you a poke or push.

3. Brief Idea

Dreamboard is a web application that allow people to search for keywords that describe their dream i.e. Lamborghini and image will appear as result and draggable to the canvas where the dreamboard is.

The dreamboard could be save, print, share and it will send reminder or notification quarterly or annually to set people on their track achieving dreams. In a long run, we could get business angle, investors, corporate to look at people dreams and help them to achieve their dreams.

Leveraging on people dreams, it is a new way to predict the future and what people are thinking. Corporations could see if they have leave impact on people’s life and should ads were to be embedded, it will be based on people’s dream.

Dreamboard is a going to be released for free. Last but not the least, being able to dream is already a “gift”, let alone compiling, sharing and see other people’s dream come true.

4. Why Startup Malaysia?

I wish to get feedback from people who are attending the event as well as leveraging on the experience of the panels. I used to work with a telco startup and now running my own business. For now, I am funding my business by working freelance on project basis. I have a web design, user interface design as well as web development skills. I have been working previously as project and product manager. I see everything positively and wish to publish a book on Work, Life and Love. Currently writing the content on my posterous page – (you’re reading it now)


Wish me luck!

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