Some people and yesterday’s smile

Some people just plain jealous about other people having things that they posses,

Some people just can’t stop being envy of other people who just breath the same air ,

Some people just don’t like to see people grow, must you always be on top?

Some people just feel like they are the provider of all things,

Some people just don’t stop talking about other people, man, that’s damn busy body!

And some people like me will just write… 

To let you know that words could be sharper than sharp knife.

And if you fall in between or stuck in the middle of this, don’t give up!

Fight for your dreams.

Other people will tell you “No!” and you just don’t give a sh*t about it.

Cause you will smile remembering today as I smile about yesterday.


Happy Birthday Dad. You just inspired me to fight for the things that I want in life and never stop treating others well. You teach me how to inspire other people and you’re the best dad ever!

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