This is not goodbye

About a year ago, I wrote this email to my friends and looking a year back, I am grateful of how much I have achieve, travel and experience and I will continue doing so.

Be inspired and never stop inspiring people!


Dear friends,

For those who still unaware of my resignation which effective tomorrow, I hope to send an email so that you can spare a minute or two reading my final note. The management isn’t receiving this email as they will have a different email all together.

My IX Story.

10 months ago, I stepped into IX as a GREAT Intern. Looking for an opportunity to improve the branding and marketing department. Looking back, I believe it is somewhere I could smile on my own. I am closed with Amzari as he is my friend since I was 16, hence giving me the reason to see both cards – management and staff. I learn a lot.

There are ups and downs working here but I never give up on giving suggestions to make IX a better place. Despite rejection of ideas, I’m still giving until this very moment. Because what makes you smile is when what you proposed are turned into reality. Few months back, I asked the Global Solution team and my team to use Google Docs to collaborate. And it is like a dose of happy pills when you see people using it. Self-satisfaction and motivation.

During dark times, you talk and share with people who you believe would understand. In my opinion, Anis have done a tremendous job as HR (yes, I use the word “have” to stress how she deserves it). Being on the fence and giving advice and suggestion allow me to stay a bit longer for the team and company. Not that she failed that I choose to resign now, it is because I believe I am ready to start my own adventure.

So, my advice for you friends –

Anis – Keep up your good job. Be there for others when they need you.

Syaz – You know your stuff and you do it well. I know you know what you’re doing.

Fana – Be on top of everything. You don’t have to do everything if it’s not yours. Being a PM is like playing a ping pong. Don’t hold something longer on your side. If you think something is not right, fix it. You know you can call me anytime after this.

Aniza – The cool girl in the house. Share your experience and never keep things to yourself.

Mai – As cheerful as you are, it would be great if you could learn how to take more initiative. Take ownership and give suggestions. Ask help from other people.

Nanaje – I’ve seen you have improve a lot. If you decided to go out one day, remember all my advice to you. It is not the ultimate advice, but remember the best thing is to experience it yourself. Read more on design principles and find your style. If you need help, just let me know. Kawtimmm!!! Haha

Emieza – Sorry if I’m not being a great supervisor but should you wish to learn more, you need to read more and get hands-on experience. Never be afraid to try. If you want to create a website, create one. Check this out –

Narman – Stay as you are – macho. What you could have done is to stay as long as you can to learn and gain experience. Never be afraid of what people tell you can’t do.

Wan – You know how much sacrifice you’ve done towards the company. You know what you are capable of and share with others your knowledge. Never make decisions when you are mad. If one day you decide to be on your own, leave with a good remarks and be firm.

Kimie – I don’t know you well but I know gamers are creative people. They can see ways that other people can’t see. Use that advantage to solve any issues you are having. Be kind and help other people as givers gain. You never knew what you will get in the future.

Azri – Sad that we don’t get to meet often. However, I know you’re doing good there. When the time comes, I know you can decide. If I could give an advice it is for you to read more. Travel and see the world.

Luqman – The time has come where iMac is not on the table. I don’t get to know you much but as I mentioned to you, follow your dreams and do what you passionate about. Read stories of successful people and be one of them. If you feel that you are lack of experience, never be afraid to go out there. Risk? It is everywhere. As long as we can manage it, then job done.

Lia – I know you have interest in creative, feel free to ask Emieza or Nanaje about it. And if you decided to further your studies ovearseas, just go for it. You will never regret with what you will learn over there. I have experience it myself.

My last day will be tomorrow and it is good to know and work with all of you. Pray that everything will be fine and good. InsyaAllah. Take care and farewell my friends.

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