Being June, and what to improve in 2013.

I am a follower of Dato’ Dr. Fadzilah Kamsah and I found he often share the personality of a person based on the month he or she was born in.

I was born in the month of June, and I have gathered a list of my characteristics and attributes. Why? I wish to analyse one by one for 2013. What to do more, what to do less, what to take advantage, what to improve, etc.


So, here’s the list:

  1. Thoughtful & insightful
  2. I will advantage of being a good consultant and product manager who can think better and holistically to produce brilliant products.

  3. Valued good deeds
  4. I will maintain this virtue and act of kindness.

  5. Well-behaved
  6. And behave well wherever I am.

  7. Inconsistent mood and approach at doing something
  8. I have to admit that I am very stubborn (see point 21) and love to do things my way. There are times that this is good. But I have to realize that I may don’t get to do this often. In order to serve others better, I have to stick with the process and guidelines.

  9. Too much idea
  10. Write it down and delegate or inspire people to run the idea. Kick of at least 3 big projects in 2013.

  11. Sensitive
  12. I will think twice and tell myself that “you’ve been thinking a lot”. Or simply ignore it.

  13. Thinker (Always think)
  14. Organize the idea and write down the TODOs. Prioritize (first thing first).

  15. Procrastinator
  16. See point above.

  17. Too choosy and always want the best
  18. Oh yes. I am very choosy and by being choosy, I get to do things I love. However, I must be too choosy instead appreciate and evaluate if the alternative is good enough. Nothing is perfect. I will remember that.

  19. Easy to get angry and cool
  20. Don’t get angry. Always be cool 🙂

  21. Talkative and like to debat
  22. Listen more.

  23. Like to crack jokes
  24. At the right time.

  25. Intelligent brain (dreamer)
  26. Draw it on Paper 53 app.

  27. Very friendly and value friendship
  28. Maintain it.

  29. Very tentative
  30. Record it and get people to do it. Automate.

  31. Easy to display emotional dislike
  32. Correct others in private and praise in public.

  33. Easy to get flu
  34. Lemon. Honey. Lemon. Honey. Lemon. Honey.

  35. Smart
  36. Think about SMART strategy.

  37. Easy to get bored
  38. Be creative.

  39. Love branded materials
  40. Live LEAN. But reward myself.

  41. Uncontrolled stubbornness
  42. Make sure it is reasonable.

  43. One who praises me is my enemy but who admonished me is my friend.
  44. Compliment the people who praise and thankful to the critics.

And may the next 52 weeks will be better than the pass 52. Happy 2013!

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