Quick wins for small business

I have been asked by friends and family on what they could do to promote their business and gain traffic. So, I thought I have it recorded here so that you can save it, bookmark it or share it.


Quick wins and few questions?

Quick wins are things that you could have done to be on par with your competitors. But before we start, few questions to ask yourself:

  1. What problem your business solve?
  2. Why people would buy your products or subscribe to your service?
  3. Why people would buy from you than your competitor?

If you can answer the above questions well, then you’re set and good to go. But if you find it hard or still thinking, I suggest that you spend sometime to create a mindmap or look at Business Model Canvas.

No business is too small not to have a business model. And having a plan is the key before you even start.


Profile Strategy and Consistency

The internet is a network. And getting your business found online is building an online reputation. Fast track, what you need is having a profile across as many network as possible. Social media, directory and publishing content.

Consistency is the golden nugget. Across the sites that you have your brand name, website links and profile descriptions – all MUST be consistent. Because your friend the search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc) will be more likely to find a similar match.


Having a website, Facebook page, social media accounts like Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest is just like having a passport. A passport to let you talk with other people and be heard.

This is the stage whether you make it or break it.

  1. Start searching for people’s conversation on Twitter and reply them with a link to your site. But don’t spam.
  2. Start leaving comment on your friends or bloggers naturally. But don’t spam.
  3. Start posting updates on Facebook as a Page or your personal profile with a link to your Facebook page. But don’t spam.
  4. Start joining forum or Facebook group and talk with people. Share tricks, ask questions. Be helpful. “Givers gain” ie “What you give, you get back”.
  5. Dedicate a certain amount of time. For me, I spent 1 – 2 hours every 1 – 2 days focusing on the social conversation. And yet again, consistency is key.

Have faith

If nothing happen, don’t lose hope. Have faith in what you do because if you don’t, do you think other people will?

I think that sum up everything for a start.

Have a nice weekend!


Self Promotion

I helped business to grow everyday and get them found online, if you’re interested, contact me at rafie@socialenclave or mohdrafie@gmail.com

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