Ignorance? Arrogance? or Habit?

No cats are harmed when taking the photo (I hope) 🙂


Malaysia will undergo another general election and my Facebook time is flooded with both current pro-government and opposition news and funny things. But I’m not here to talk about politics.

I’m here to talk about what I did and why?

5 daily prayers

As a Muslim, I perform my daily prayers 5 times in a day. And recently I come across a social media update from one of my friend which somewhat touch the focus in my prayer.

We always rush in our prayers while in fact, the One who gives in front of us.

Since that moment, I always try my best to remember this. It is hard because for years and maybe decades, I never miss to think about anything else other than my prayer even just for a second.

It’s a habit. 

But as soon as we realize it. We are ignorant. And may Allah save all of us from being arrogant to Him whom create us.

For me, the quote is powerful enough. And I hope it is useful to you too!

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