Grandma passed away

I do not shed any tears, maybe because I am shocked.

Yet to believe that the only grandma you have in this world passed away.

My late grandma didn’t manage to see my first baby. She guessed that it is a girl. We will know soon.

That day

I drive back on Sunday morning from KL and it took me 1.5 hours using the highway and another hour on the normal road. We took several stops and reached around 11.00am. At that time, the van that carried my grandma just arrived.

Her body is carried inside the house for other family members to pay their last tribute. The atmosphere is totally different and you know that everyone is in a deep grief. I watched from far. Mom cried as she lost the only mother she had. Her eyes were red.

Dad told mom to hold on to what we feel inside. Grandma passed away and the best we can do is to pray for her.

After everyone perform the funeral prayer, the body is being carried inside the van again for the funeral.

Everyone is asked on how she was during her lifetime. Everyone replied, “good”. And a family representative announced that if grandma had any debt during her lifetime that need to be paid, it can be collected from the family members.

We all then went to the graveyard.

Car is blocked

Unfortunately, my car is blocked by other cars and it took me few minutes to start my journey. When I reached there, the body has been put in the grave. The earth covers the hole by half and it is completed within half and hour.

Indeed, everything is simple. And that is the end of life in this world as we know. From the Earth we are created, and we shall return to it.


We are then back to arrange few prayers and welcoming guests.


I decide to stop working or doing anything. I shoot an email before I leave to let people know if they are looking for me. Nothing matters now. I would rather  lose a job or business deal, than not being there for the family.

Tribute to Grandma

She told me one lesson in life that I will always remember:

No matter how high you obtained your degree or if you have high paying job, never forget your five daily prayers.

Grandma, you’re greatly missed by all. May you rest in peace and gather among His pious servants. Ameen.


  1. I am sorry to hear about the loss of your Grandma. My mother died unexpectedly 3 weeks ago so I know how you are feeling. I’m sure your Grandma was greatly loved and I think she gave you excellent advice.

    1. Hi Stephen, thank you for leaving a comment and I’m sorry to hear for your loss as well. Hope things are well now.

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