Friday State of Mind

Every Friday, after the Friday prayer (Jumu’ah) I will sit at one of the corners of the mosque. Full of students, I chose to perform my prayer at the university as I like being a student or feel the energy that the young ones.


I will sit and then recite my favourite surah, Al-Waqiah (Listen to the recital by Mishari Rashid). Then I reflect on what happened from last Friday to that Friday and what needs to be done during the weekend and what are things that need to happen next.

My phone is off during this time as nothing is important that this.

I believe this is the only time which I concentrate my relationship with Allah and reflect. And I will try to remind myself how grateful I should be for all the blessings.

Then walk back to my car which I park quite far away from the mosque while thinking and listening to students talking to each other.

Grab my lunch or ice cream, and then back to work.

When everyone celebrates the coming of weekend, I am thinking how can I done something better.

Hence, my week really starts on Friday with fresh of mind.

Friday indeed a peaceful day and this is my state of mind today.

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