Why I switched to Ubuntu from Windows for daily usage


I have been using three different operation system for the last couple of years with Mac being my favourite. I switched to PC when I need something for me to work remotely, away from my iMac.

And after a while, I realized it didn’t give me enough flow, so I installed Ubuntu on the laptop with dual boot. It sits inside this computer for two years now and initially, I only use it when I need speed in booting up the computer or connecting to the Wireless properly. Windows seems to be slow and having some dysfunctional Wireless chemistry. It works, but it will take some time. I know for Ubuntu or Mac, it will always work.

Work with Ubuntu

Recently, I found myself using Ubuntu more and more. With my Mac at home sits in the box waiting to be repaired, I found new love.

Sometimes, you’re asked:

When is the last time you try something new?

And I can proudly say last few weeks when I deploy a demo site on a cloud server – http://labs.mrkdesign.com/ It is purely experimental, but I learn few bits about command line and setting up things from just an empty server box.

Office program for Word and Excel?

I normally use Word and Excel on both Mac and PC but I have to settle for LibreOffice for now. It is okay and do what it needs to do. Otherwise, Google Drive will save the day.

Other than that, for coding stuff, I have installed Sublime 2 here which is fast and had less notification saying there’s update and ask me to purchase the license (although it is not required).

Fast action, fast results

I want to do something fast so that I can get fast results. Although I can afford a Mac, but I skip it because there is no need for it now. This machine still can be use for about a year more I think (I bought in 2010). I’ll wait for the next big thing after the retina display from Apple, then I switched 😉

For now, I am happy with Ubuntu.

But remember, I use this because it fits me and what I’m doing. Knowing what fits you is important.

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