Don’t ever forget where you came from

That is the piece of advice that he left for us, especially to the GCAD family. Subtle yet profound.

Reflecting what I have achieved (bucket list) so far, made me thankful for the ups and downs, triumph and disaster.

Back in 2002 to 2004 when I was in secondary school, I have the opportunity to create montages, launch event gimmicks, designing websites and invitation cards. Today, I am doing exactly the same thing but for a bigger purpose.

I always believe in lead by example as that is one of the best way to earn trust and display credibility. Not to be respected, but to contribute. If I wouldn’t trade the skills and knowledge I learnt and discovered back in the school with anything in this world.

If someone ask me how am I right now?

I’d simply say I’m living my dream and chasing a bigger one!

O Lord, don’t let me lose my common touch as I walk with the Kings!

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