1000 Likes. So what’s next?

When I help Simply Sandwiches back in  2011, they went from few hundreds to 2000 likes nowadays. So, I’m going to share you few easy steps you can follow to get 1000 likes, if you haven’t:

  1. Before updating your Facebook, understand your user demographic.
  2. Prepare a simple content publishing strategy and stick with it (when to publish, what to publish, why you publish, etc.).
  3. Measure the response. Track it if possible.
  4. Repeat 1 to 3 until you can identify the trend.

And if you have extra budget, you can also include:

  1. Embrace into paid advertising to promote your content and Facebook page.
  2. Start as small as $5 or $10.
  3. Measure and analyze the result.

Repeat until you reach 1000 likes.


What’s next?

1000 Likes is like a small milestone. A nice number to see around 10 likes per post update. That is roughly 1% coverage. And of course you can spend $5 to reach few thousand people and get around 100 likes, but you have to strike the balance.

Few things to consider:

  • What is your main objective having the followers on Facebook?
  • How are you going to maintain their interest?
  • What else do you have for them?
  • When is it the right time for them to move to a different level?
  • How much do you have in your pocket?

It is also good to understand why in the first place you go into Facebook while you already have your website (if you do). It is a place where the people are and in social ecosystem, the market will go where the people are, in this case, Facebook.

It is also best if you look at how big brands attempt to engage and drive their followers into certain directions, be it their website, application, etc. You need to sit down and think what is it that you want from being on Facebook.

For some, it is pretty much getting more leads and hopefully more sales. It is up to you. But bear in mind that you need to act fast. From now on, you can get results even you’re at 1000 likes.

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