30 meaningful minutes

If you could just gain an extra half-hour a day through effective time management, you would have 22 more days available to you per year. (Source)

Most of my friends told me that I live quite far away from where I work. But I personally found myself enriched more than ever. Here’s why:

Reason #1: I took a train

I only drive to the train station everyday. And then 30 minutes train ride to my office. If I drive, I will waste my time, energy and focus that I need. So, taking a train to work is worth it.


Reason #2: A book a month

For the last 5 months, I have never sleep in the train going to work. I will ensure the time is wisely spent on the train. I have committed to read a book a month and so far it has been great. And now, finishing the “Secret of the Millionaire Mind”. A really good book suggested by Jack Canfield and Philosophers Notes on Rich Dad Poor Dad.

I have a Millionaire mind. I am a money magnet!

Reason #3: Reflection

As I took the train ride back from work, I normally get myself a hot latte. Then I reflect – How was my day? How do I response to my day? What could’ve been improved? Before this, hardly.

Luxury of time

I am grateful for the decision I made so far. Now, I am looking to change or add new set of positive habits from time to time. So, instead of people think it is hard to live far away from the workplace, I found peace. I found my 30 meaningful minutes everyday. Twice.

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