Personal Coaching for E-Commerce in Malaysia

Feel free to hit the “x” button on your browser tab should none of these questions relevant to you cause I’m selling something 🙂

  • And have you ever wonder how can you start your online business?
  • How do you setup your online store?
  • How you can streamline your online business?
  • How you can focus on your business?
  • How you can retain your customer?

In 2014, I have committed that I wish to share my knowledge in developing e-commerce sites and helping your businesses to grow online.

What I have done?

  • I have started my own homestay in Pasir Gudang. When I started them, there are 24 homestays in that area, I will share how I beat the competition in less than 1 month. Now, I’m looking to acquire another house to turn it into my second homestay.
  • I have helped my friends L’adorn and Ever Dainty to start their e-commerce business selling shawl, hijab, clothes and accessories. Good for them!
  • I have helped businesses to gain Likes on their Facebook page. Some reached up to 700% increase in Likes!
  • and many more!

What you will learn with me

  1. How to find and test business niche
  2. How to develop your business plan
  3. How to build your e-commerce site in a day
  4. How to integrate payment with your e-commerce site
  5. How to gain customer and retain them

Personal Coaching and Video Tutorial

Personal coaching is one-on-one hands-on coaching class where I will  teach you the above things. Notes will be given.  In 5 weeks, you will learn all everything you need to know to run your online business.

In my personal coaching class or video tutorial, I will provide step-by-step guide and checklist for you to follow.

Should you stuck at any stages, my support team will be available to help you.

How much and what do I get?

Video tutorial (Normal Price: RM170, Offer: RM97)

  • Access to all video tutorials
  • Document checklist
  • Pre-installed website for e-commerce
  • Support site

Personal coaching –  (Normal Price: RM970, Offer: RM470)

  • 5 weeks coaching (3 hours per session)
  • All video access
  • Printed notes and checklist
  • Pre-installed website for e-commerce
  • Support site
  • Private Whatsapp number for all Q&A

To register your interest, please fill up your info in the form below:

It is time to make a change if whatever you did in 2013 didn’t work for you. Time and tide wait for no man.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. – Albert Einstein

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