Disadvantage of Maybank2u and CIMB Clicks for manual e-commerce business

What I am going to reveal to you will make some people feel unpleasant. And those who have been using it for quite sometime will realise the truth of it.

If you are selling stuff online and expect people to bank in the deposit or payment by giving them your bank name, account name and account number, you will agree that:

You do not know exactly who banked-in / deposit your money to you

Recently, I launched my ebook and start accepting pre-order with the price RM 22.00 and this is what I’ve got from my Maybank transaction history:



Truth be told,

  • I don’t know from my Maybank2U online statement, I don’t know who make payment through 3rd party transfer. I have no info about the payment made except the date and amount.
  • No idea who deposited the money via Cash Deposit Machine.
  • But I know who transferred the money via his/her ATM card.

For CIMB, at least it is slightly better, I can see the name and time to double check it.



If I’m a bad buyer, I can “fake” my transaction. How?

  1. Get a photo editing software
  2. Edit a transaction slip (Change name, amount, generate random transaction number, time, etc)
  3. Email it to the seller

The seller cannot argue since he/she cannot verify if the transaction is valid (especially Maybank).

So, how do I fix this issue?

If you’re a merchant or seller, get an e-commerce platform. Or at least something simple like this ebook form which combined with payment gateway.

Why this method works?

  • Most importantly, you don’t have to check your Maybank2U or CIMB Clicks every single time your buyer pays.
  • You can automatically get notification from the payment gateway provider if they payment gone through.
  • You can verify the info of the buyer (Name, Phone Number, Time, Email is provided)
  • You can automate the delivery of the product (especially digital product like ebook)

Get the above solution by signing up to my Personal Coaching (E-Commerce) programme or sign up to my Simple Ecommerce Platform. (SEP).


  1. true. however, we are still at the stage where huge amount of people prefers ATM transfer, even though they have all the access to internet banking / payment. Go Rafie, we got to educate our nation 🙂

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