How to identify fake and real ATM slip for Maybank or CIMB?

I recently joined the Malaysia Apple Trader group looking to trade new phones and laptop. And I found someone shared a picture of identifying fake ATM slip (Maybank as shown in the picture below):



This will be relevant to those who are trading online and since I’ve posted about the disadvantage of Maybank2u and CIMB Clicks for manual ecommerce business.

Investing in the right platform to allow you and your customer to trade safely online is crucial. Although I can tell from the slip, but still, I want a piece of mind. Security and assurance.

So, I’m offering 50% off to those who are still trading manually and get a simple e-commerce solution for your business.  Offer valid until 31st January 2013.

Remember, security and assurance for you and your seller!

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