Making A Difference by Ahmad Izham Omar

After he finished his talk last Thursday with the title “Making A Difference” before leaving the Kids Theatre in Berjaya Times Square, I shook his hands and said this to him twice:

“Thank you so much”

“Thank you so much”

The first one is because I wish to obtain his blessings for what he shared. Secondly because he inspired me.

Infrastructure, people and trend

If you found youself having an idea which doesn’t seems to fit the infra, but demanded by the people or can influence the people and equipped with the hypothesis that the trend can be repeat.

You are good.

Quit your job

If you hate your job, quit.

Or if you know where you want to be, and you working day by day towards it, persevere.

*something* tone

And there is a chance, for me to fight for the one thing that I believe in. #ecommerce

Stay tune. Coming soon. This March 2014!

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