When 24 hours is not enough. I hired a PA

When you have so many things to do in both life and business, you will often found that you don’t have enough time. I personally have reached to a point where 24 hours is not enough. And I wish I could buy more time for my day.

So, I hired a PA.

Mathematics of PA

If you know your hourly rate, that would help to determine if it is worth to have a PA or not. Say, your salary is $5K and you work 5 days a week, 25 days a month.

So, $5000/(25*8) is $25/hour.

And if you decide to hire a PA, you should pay them less than what you earned. For few simple reasons:

  • You are hiring them for simpler task
  • Let them to do the “boring” stuff
  • Your time is expensive. Otherwise, do it yourself

How to effectively hire a PA

First, be clear on what needs to be done. Ideally, if you have a list of “things to do” which can be outsourced, that is a place to start.

For example, I have hired my PA to prepare me a list of 4 different types of food daily. Then, I have asked my PA to find a reliable car service provider to ask about the cost of getting the timing chain changed.

The results so far? I’m very happy with it.

You learn how to delegate. You learn how to trust other people. You learn to break things into small chunks.

You keep the main thing, the main thing.

In a corporate world, you need to be at least a senior general manager or vice president to have a PA to take care of you. But the democratisation of the Internet made things possible for you to have access.

If you want to have your own PA (2 tasks are free of charge, fill up the following form and I’ll get you a link to get your PA):

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