Don’t put your valuable content of Facebook. Here’s why.

We make the same mistakes over and over again. Why? Because we are excited with the new discovery we had. And the “seems” best platform to share it is on your Facebook page, regardless personal or company page.

One thing about Facebook updates: It doesn’t stick.

Your “new discovered theory or knowledge” will be flushed by the massive newsfeed by other people. Unless, people are actively sharing, commenting and liking your status – which adds to the life cycle of the update.

And I am sure that at some point, you will be browsing your timeline to search for that one FB status that you wrote long time ago. Indeed, it is a daunting task to do.

3 Simple Steps to Make Your Content Immortal

Step 1: Write your content on your blog or website.

If you don’t have it. Hire someone to build it for you. Even if you are a standard pre-built design template for a start. Improvise along the way.

Step 2: Write “teasing” or “alluring” headline and summary.

Provide your website link at the end of the FB status. Inviting them to visit your website and blog.

Step 3: Searchable content

If you need to refer to it in the future, you can search on your website. It is now a “content library”. Besides it is search engine friendly.

I hope this will change the way you look at how website should be the focal point as Facebook is a social channel for interaction. While you yourself should own the content.

Consider it as your investment 😉

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