Focused Execution

When we wish to deliver certain project or task with the best possible way, there are so many things that will go inside of our mind. And you shouldn’t be scared of that. If you are nervous about it, that is a good start because it means you are not sure whether it is going to work or not.

But more important than that, you will be learning something new. Something to break your upper limit and at the end of it, you will gain a new set of experience. Perhaps you expanded your network, you gained positive feedback, you get to know someone better, you understand certain underlying concept or idea better or even if it doesn’t. You still learn. So, don’t be scared.

You might ask, where should I start?


Provided that you clear with what the expectations are (Rule number ZERO), then you will start by analysis the resources you currently have. Some of which can be summarised as follows:

  1. Time
  2. Money
  3. Technology
  4. Contacts / Network
  5. Experience
  6. Management

Having lack of any of the above, you will need to start to be resourceful. Not giving excuses. Find the time you may need, collaborate, start picking up phone, ask permission and many more. As Tony Robbins said in his TED talk, lack of resources are not the real problem, not being resourceful is.


Having a team is useful, but knowing to select your team members are even more important because you can leverage on the strength of your team members. The ability to profile and understand how to leverage are two things that you need to start learn.

Learn to observe what your future team members are good at. And don’t be shy to ask about their passion. As a leader (regardless whether you are the team lead or not), it is vital to get all the team members to believe in the idea.

If you are trying to rob a bank and you are gathering your team, you won’t be recruiting a member that doesn’t believe in the idea. Especially if it is a crazy idea!

It may take some time for you to have a team member, but collaboration with a set of people that might joint force is another possible way as well.

On top of things

Always be on top of things even if you are reporting the task to someone, regardless President or Board of Directors. Ask yourself 1 million questions and be prepared with the answers, reasons and justifications. They will appreciate you doing the extra mile and consider all options.

This is the part where you will learn and experience so many first things. The most useful thing you can do now is to unlearn and learn back again. Expect nothing in return but experience. You shall be in good hands. Although it might be rocky, but keep calm as it is nothing compared to the pain of quitting.

Getting Things Done

When it comes to the things that specifically need your attention, get it done with the upmost respect to yourself. Don’t do it for others.

Watch and learn how to learn, how you think, how you react, how you feel and how you judge. If stuck, take a short break and a step back to see the whole picture. Share your challenges and brainstorm the solution.

And don’t forget to enjoy what you do.

It is also important to be self-aware of your surroundings. Don’t miss doing the things you always do. If your habit is running, don’t stop for the sake of getting things done. Your non-negotiables are your non-negotiables (see italic sentence above).

Room for improvement

Always look for room for improvement in what you do. Spend some time thinking of what you can do better. Getting feedback from other people is very useful. You may enjoy the good feedback but at the same time take note on the negative ones. Those gaps are meant to be filled. And should you are responsible to give feedback, be objective and honest with it. When a person asking for an honest feedback, don’t sugar coat.

And perhaps after the end of everything, you will not realise that you have improved based on the feedback you received. Even if you fail, owning what you are supposed to do is an act of integrity. Sir Ken Robinson said, “if you are not prepared to be wronged (Personal Note: or I would also consider fail), you will never come up with something new.”

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