End of Apple era? Or lack of innovative ideas?

Since Steve Jobs left this world, I personally haven’t seen anything innovative like these products I own(ed):

Apple 24″ iMAc

Yes, I have gotten the non-white body iMac.


I bought this to launch my freelance career.

Apple iPod Shuffle 2G

The “jack” that also being used to charge the iPod.


Apple Macbook Pro 13″

Aluminium unibody!


This one was stolen in 2010.

Apple (New) Macbook Air


Super fast. Good battery life and Magsafe 2.

This Inc article made me to put this into blog writing as my prediction of shop closure at Suria KLCC mall is quite accurate and I thought it would also be the same for this brand, in which yet to come one with a phone good enough for me to buy.

There are more than the above when it comes to innovation for apple, even the introduction of “Mission Control”, “Spaces” and “Hot corners” are enough to justify how their products innovate and revolutionise the way we work and think (at least myself).

The beginning of the end?

But, few triggers made me feel “the beginning of the end” is already happening:

  • Selling of cheap iPhone (iPhone 5c) = lack of focus. Milking the cash cow?
  • Introduction of new names for OS X = Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra. Really?
  • Too much variation of screen sizes (iPhone, iPad) = This is what you get when you listen too much to the people. When they revolutionise few years back, they disrupt their market with their products, but now they are disrupted.

I can sense that there is an internal conflict or belief within the organisation. Lack of trust? Lack of conviction? But something is wrong somewhere. But I still put my bet on Jonathan Ive but if he left the company or having an early retirement (age: 49, btw), then I can be sure.

Till then, I still hope for the best despite a shitty iPhone 7 launch. I’ll skip this one and still waiting for the amazing/best iPhone since iPhone.



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