7 Steps to Happiness

I found this shared over by my Facebook friends. So, I thought I keep it here to remind myself there are seven ways to be happy. Life is hard, but do one of these, perhaps you could smile even for a while. Think Less, Feel More Frown Less, Smile More 🙂 Talk Less, Listen More Judge Less,… Continue reading 7 Steps to Happiness

Getting engaged. Where do I begin?

I am planning to get engaged in few months time. I’ve been asking around people on what should I tell my mom, how should I tell her. I even read articles on the internet about the same topic. At the same time, over my shoulder now is a big respons…

If not because of you, people.

We are the product of our environment, what we have been through and the people surround us — family, love ones and friends. I am grateful to the people that support me from all sides of life. My recent decision to not working with Petronas is on…


I am taking my writings to the next level and I wish to keep all of you updated. I will maintain these three topics in my writings:WorkLove LifeSubscribe to my writings Above all, I appreciate your readership. Thank you and continue smiling!

Pursuit of happiness and greatness

I have not paid for my mohdrafie.co.uk web hosting and it is overdue. I’m not sure whether I should stick with it or not. Hence, I start to write here.It will be a mix of work, life and love. I’m in the pursuit of my own happiness and greatness!