29 replies to Jeff Bezos’s Amazon Interview Questions (Part 1)

Inc.com published this article on 29 Interview Questions Amazon Uses and I would like to give it a shot (as-an-when basis). Here it goes. 1. “Who was your most difficult customer?” The one that kept quiet. It is hard because you can force the horse to go to the river. But you can’t force it to… Continue reading 29 replies to Jeff Bezos’s Amazon Interview Questions (Part 1)

Personal Coaching for E-Commerce in Malaysia

Feel free to hit the “x” button on your browser tab should none of these questions relevant to you cause I’m selling something 🙂 And have you ever wonder how can you start your online business? How do you setup your online store? How you can streamline your online business? How you can focus on… Continue reading Personal Coaching for E-Commerce in Malaysia

Alternative for iPay88

If you’re starting out an e-commerce site or blogshop, you would probably looking for options other than iPay88 to accept payment for your products or service online. Truth be told, I’ve been looking for a good option other than iPay for few good reasons: iPay88 took a lot of transaction fees (4%) Website owners (merchants)… Continue reading Alternative for iPay88

7 Steps to Happiness

I found this shared over by my Facebook friends. So, I thought I keep it here to remind myself there are seven ways to be happy. Life is hard, but do one of these, perhaps you could smile even for a while. Think Less, Feel More Frown Less, Smile More 🙂 Talk Less, Listen More Judge Less,… Continue reading 7 Steps to Happiness

Grandma passed away

I do not shed any tears, maybe because I am shocked. Yet to believe that the only grandma you have in this world passed away. My late grandma didn’t manage to see my first baby. She guessed that it is a girl. We will know soon. That day I drive back on Sunday morning from… Continue reading Grandma passed away

A business that almost didn’t happen. I’m innocent.

This morning, my boss returned back my innocent book. It has been a while since I got hold of it and I am happy. On the back cover it says: innocent is a busiess that almost didn’t happen. The term “almost didn’t happen” is what makes the differen…